Damir Bogdan, CEO uptownBasel Infinity

Damir Bogdan
How Technologies of tomorrow will impact our Industries today - an overview about Quantum Computing

Todays problems are getting more and more complex. Industries use AI to tackle this complexity. However, AI is coming to its limits. Traditional computer systems soon won't be able to cope with the raising amount of data anymore. The end of Moore's law and the growing energy consumption showcase that as well. Quantum Computers are tackling these problems in a completely different way by calculating all possible options simultaneously. The more date, the more complex the problem, the more efficient a Quantum computer can work.This included even energy efficiency! Quantum computers already impact different industries such as logistics, financial services, industry 4.0 and, on the long run, health care and life science. Within this presentation, Damir Bogdan will showcase how Quantum Computers today are used already and why it is important to prepare for the future.

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