JOIN OUR PARALLEL EVENT – Tutorial 'Digital Design Thinking using Scene2Model'

ceciis parallel event
19 Jul, 2022
We invite all CECIIS 2022 participants to join us in Dubrovnik at CECIIS 2022 conference at parallel event – tutorial on design thinking topic. The event will be held within CECIIS conference on September 23 at 10:00 AM.

About tutorial

The goal of this event is to generate ideas by using different design thinking methods, based on tangible visualization of certain aspects of the problem and collaborative developed solution space.

Using a tutorial setting, it supports the creativity and co-creation within multi-disciplinary teams, but it restricts to location and temporal availability of participants. This approach through Scene2Model is a transformation of the physical visualization into digital conceptual models, so that they can be processed and used within modelling tools, further decomposed, and combined with available enterprise assets and enable a location and time-independent interaction.
The tutorial will introduce participants to storyboards as a selected Design Thinking method. Haptic paper figures (SAP ScenesTM) are used to depict scenes and build storyboards in the context of Smart Mobility domain. Participants will observe the end-toend process of a tool-supported transformation from haptic paper objects into digitized models. The Scene2Model tool, not only enables this transformation, but it also semantically enriches the models and allows their automated composition into storyboards.
As the tutorial allows for a hands-on participation you are invited to install Scene2Model on your PC in advance to follow the demonstration during the tutorial. Find out how to install here:


To participate in the Tutorial, you need to be registered for the CECIIS conference and follow the application on the following link.