Meet CECIIS 2022 partners

CECIIS 2022 partners
24 Mar, 2022
CECIIS 2022 will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in the organization of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) University of Zagreb in partnership with the EDEN Digital Learning Europe, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek and University of Dubrovnik.

CECIIS represents the place for best practices and exchanging academic and research ideas and it also contributes to the better development of professional skills in academic environment. This conference will initiate collaboration opportunities for faculty deans, professors, academic journal editors, research scientists, engineers, scholars, managers, university postgraduates and undergraduates, so the cooperation between these institutions is most needed for creating quality academic interactions. Meet our partners…

EDEN Digital Learning Europe

Established in 2019 as an international educational association and not-for-profit organisation, EDEN Digital Learning Europe is open to institutions and individuals dealing with e-learning, and – more broadly speaking – open and distance education. Providing versatile expertise, the Association embraces all levels of formal and non-formal education and training. EDEN Europe has been consistently instrumental in the promotion of networking, international co-operation and professional development. As a key asset, EDEN Europe has a strong and active membership. By joining EDEN Europe you become part of the largest, most dynamically developing professional community of experts and practitioners of electronic distance education.

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (University of Zagreb)

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, established in 1984, is the member institution of the University of Zagreb, and the leading high education as well as scientific and research institution in the field of transport and traffic engineering in Croatia. Faculty staff participates in national, regional and international scientific, research and development projects funded by the national Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, European Commission and international institutions. The Faculty participates in public and commercial projects aimed at solving transport and traffic problems of transportation sectors in Croatia. Research carried out is of a high international standard with the goal of providing modern transport and traffic technology, infrastructure, logistics and intelligent transport systems solutions in road, waterway, postal, information and communication, urban, air and railway transport, so no doubt they will be very big contributors to this years conference in Dubrovnik, as we will welcome participants from all over the world.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, (University of Zagreb)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, situated in Croatia's capital, is the leading academic and research institution in the field of electrical engineering, computing and information and communication technology, with the aim to educate students capable of carrying out the technological and social development of Croatia through education and research. FER wants to be integrated and competitive in European higher education and research area, it wants to create new forms of knowledge transfer to the economy and to prompt economic and social activities of Croatia. FER joins us at CECIIS 2022 to create new knowledge by internationally acknowledged researches and by networking in new interdisciplinary areas. 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek is a modern faculty that has constantly been developing in all areas of its expertise. The educational process consists of three levels with study programmes being continually upgraded and harmonised with recent scientific discoveries, economy and labour market needs. The Faculty’s research groups have participated in numerous domestic and European projects as either heads or associates. Cooperation with the economy, encouragement of entrepreneurship and transfer of knowledge and technologies are fundamental indicators of the Faculty’s development. The Faculty successfully cooperates with the most important electrical engineering and ICT companies, and institutions like FOI. The Faculty is the regional leader in the field of electrical engineering, computer science and information and communications technologies, and is strategically aimed at advancing its visibility and competitiveness in science and research, professional projects, students' education, close cooperation with the economy and local community. Many authors from this faculty will be welcomed at CECIIS 2022.

University of Dubrovnik

The beginnings of higher education and scientific and research activity in Dubrovnik go back to the distant past, which is especially true for maritime, social and natural sciences. But the University of Dubrovnik, as it is today, was founded in 2003. Although one of the youngest, the University of Dubrovnik is, according to its studies, structure and technical equipment, a very modern higher education institution. The mission of the University of Dubrovnik is to serve the society by providing education at its undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate study programmes, via life-long learning, and via scientific, research, artistic and professional work. In doing so, the University will be acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, social responsibility and excellence, which it will continuously foster and provide to the local community and the wider region, and will promote international and inter-university cooperation, such as the one with CECIIS conference. Today, it has more than 2000 students at 17 study programes, so we hope to have many of them at this year's conference.