Online Student Poster and Presentation section held on first conference day

student poster section
21 Sep, 2022
This year's Student Section, organized within the CECIIS 2022 international conference, gathered 11 young researchers. The Student Section was held on the first conference day, Wednesday, September 21st . The topics of their research are not only related to the use of information and communication technology, but also to a wide range of interdisciplinary areas.

Positive motivation and quality research prepared within the framework of the 12th Student Online Section contributed to the affirmation of young people in the field of interdisciplinary topics. Students showed maturity and critical thinking in relation to current topics. They discussed the possible improvement of the quality of communication with the use of information and communication technology, the inclusion of underrepresented groups, career development and cooperation with the wider social community. The leaders of the Student Section are Prof. Victoria Appatova, Ph.D., from the University of Cincinnati in the United States of America, and Prof. Violeta Vidaček Hainš, Ph.D. from FOI. This event represents a good start point for the further involvement of students in the scientific and professional spheres of society.