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The impact of digitization on industry: a research perspective


Internet’s evolution into a generic platform and a pervasive environment enables the creation, provision and consumption of digital services. Cloud-based deployment models offer transparent access to services for a worldwide group of users. The models support 24/7 availability, location-independence as well as autonomy of resource processing limitations. At the same time, digital services are the basis of new and innovative business models. All of the above is expected to take place in the digital transformation process. Is it really feasible this way?


Dimitris Karagiannis is a tenured professor at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Vienna. There he heads the Research Group Knowledge Engineering. In addition, in 2011 he was awarded an honorary professorship by the Babes-Bolayi University Cluj-Napoca in Romania. His field of expertise includes Conceptual Modelling, Meta-Modelling and Artificial Intelligence. 

He has published several books and more than 200 reviewed articles in international conferences and journals. He is, in addition to his long-standing engagement in national and EU-funded research projects, a reviewer for the European Commission. Moreover, he is a member of the IEEE and ACM and serves on the steering committee of the Austrian Computer Society.

1995 he founded the BOC Group (, a European software company, which provides modelling tools and consulting expertise to more than 1000 companies in different application domains. Currently he holds the chairmanship of the advisory board. 

He initiated the OMiLAB (, a non-profit initiative headquartered in Berlin, aiming to consolidate common knowledge and advance the associated software development, to design a future research and development framework for conceptual modelling and to support the exploitation of results in global communities based on open platforms. Two OMiLABs are operating in Austria and Korea, with five more currently in planning.


Dimitris Karagiannis

Head of Research Group Knowledge Engineering, University of Vienna


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