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Artificial Intelligence in/for the Society


Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and text mining technologies are gradually changing our working environments. Science recently published a paper “What can machine learning do? Workforce implications” with insights of an extensive study discussing how machines can automate some tasks and augment human capabilities to make possible entirely new products and services. Moreover, a related study published in Nature a couple of year ago points out the need for monitoring how technology is transforming work, showing a growth of productivity in USA industry over 30 years and reduction of a need for routine clerical work. Artificial Intelligence and data analysis offer very practical support for a number of applications including media industry, marketing and communication analysis.


Prof. Dr. Dunja Mladenić leads Department of Artificial Intelligence that connects over 50 experts and graduate students focusing on different research areas including real-time analysis of text, sensor and multimodal data, modeling and visualization of complex systems, semantic and language technologies. She has extensive research experience in study and development of machine learning, text mining, sensor data analysis, data science, semantic technology techniques and their application on real-world problems. She has published a number of scientific papers and book chapters, organized scientific events, served on a number of research panels evaluating research proposals including ERC panel. She served on the Institute's Scientific Council for several years, currently serves on executive board of Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society and on Advisory board of ACM Slovenija.


Dunja Mladenić

Department of Artificial Intelligence, Jozef Stefan Institute


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