Student Poster and Presentation Section


Wednesday, October 2nd

14:00 - 14:30
2nd Floor, Hallway


  • E-Learning in Inspiring International Environment
    S. Majnić Mikac
  • Communication through music and public appearance
    V. Kadi
  • Emotional Intelligence in Social Environment
    M. Dubravec
  • Human Resources Management and Employment of people with Disability
    I. Mlatilik
  • Communication with children and youth with disability
    G. Ivanek
  • Virtual collaboration and Intercultural Communication with ICT Technologies
    K. Strahija, K. Češković
  • Usage of Information and Communication Technology for People With Disability in Business
    M. Novak
  • Student's Communication in the International Environment
    A. Parlaj
  • The Role of Social and Communication Skills for People with Disability Employment
    I. Soldatek
  • Employment Communication and Attitudes towards Social Issues
    L. Novoselec
Chair: Violeta Vidaček-Hainš
14:00 - 17:30
3rd Floor, Faculty Hall


  • The Improvement of Face Recognition Using the Principal Component Analysis Algorithm
    V. Lesha, J. Xama, K. Buzi ("Luarasi" University, Tirana, Albania)
    14.30-14.40 CET
  • The Implementation of an Improved Adaptable Fingerprint Minutiae Extraction Algorithm Based on Machine Learning Perspective
    V. Lesha, M. Lako, E. Tagani ("Luarasi" University, Tirana, Albania)
    14.45-14.55 CET
  • The Analysis of Modified Fuzzy Logic Speech Recognition Simulation Model
    V. Lesha, A. Agolli, M. Gjepali ("Luarasi" University, Tirana, Albania)
    15.00-15.10 CET
  • Scratch Computing and its Role in Learning Mathematics Formula
    A. Troshani, H. Tota, J. Lici, S. Duli (University of Shkodra, Albania)
    15.15-15.25 CET
  • The Impact of Technology in Students’ Critical Thinking: How to get the Best of Technology and Education?
    D. Ramja, L. Matija, S. Duli (University of Shkodra, Albania)
    15.30-15.40 CET
  • Cloud Computing
    K. Mjerasha, S. Duli (University of Shkodra, Albania)
    15.45-15.50 CET
  • Determining the Functions of Novel Genes Required for Photosynthesis
    G. Gomer (University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA ), M. Kafri, M. Jonikas (Princeton University, New Jersey, NJ)
    16.00-16.10 CET
  • Determining the Roles of Caspase-4 and Caspase-5 in Inflammasome Activation
    S. Macassi (University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA), A. Bass, S. Shin (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, USA)
    16.15-16.25 CET
  • Rhetoric Use by Leaders to Ease Intergroup Conflict
    S. Montenegro (University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA)
    16.30-16.40 CET
Chair: Violeta Vidaček-Hainš


Students are invited to present their research supported by information and communication technology (ICT). The main aim of this Section is to encourage student collaboration and networking.

Participants are asked to prepare posters or on-line Skype presentations linked to different areas of communication supported by information and communication technology, interpersonal communication and cultural diversity, managing relationship challenges, human resources, interpersonal relationships on the Internet and at work, ICT products etc.

The first part of the Student Section is the poster section for students personally attending the Conference and second part is the On-line / Skype Section for distance participants.


  • Assoc.Prof. Violeta Vidaček-Hainš, Ph.D.

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