About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik was founded in 7th century and until today became a magical puzzle consisting of history, culture, entertainment, sports, shopping, excursions and gastronomy. One can feel and experience with all senses its title of one of the world’s most beautiful cities and “a living museum within modern present”, being perfect background for numerous cultural, professional and scientific events.  It was the only city-state on the entire Croatian coast from the 14th to the 19th century. Seafaring, harboring and trade, together with the wise international policy and skillful diplomacy brought economic and cultural prosperity for centuries to the free city–state and brought in worlds fines builders and artists, which contributed to its richness and diversity.



Solemn mystery is brought by medieval stone palaces and unobtrusive monasteries which today have a role to testify silently about the history and to welcome and accept their visitors. Part of the character of the City derives from the imposing presence of the medieval walls that surround it. A walk around these walls 1940 m long, looking down on the impressive architecture of the town on its small streets, gardens and terraces, and upon the sea delivers unforgettable experience. Even with defensive walls Dubrovnik has been always wide open to the world, especially in embracing of new and progressive ideas, cultural exchanges or religious tolerances what resulted with great historical achievements in the fields of literature, arts, diplomacy and science. Throughout its history Dubrovnik has always been a meeting point of various nations, cultures and religions, and served as a link between diverse and sometimes warring empires and civilizations. Despite its small size, Dubrovnik managed to sustain its autonomy and economic prosperity throughout the centuries as a result of strategic use of diplomacy, skilled trade, and highly developed seamanship - the Dubrovnik people were known as good seafarers, tradesmen, scientists and writers.

"Those who seek paradise on Earth must come to Dubrovnik", wrote George Bernard Shaw, smitten by the beauty of the city whose untouched, which was confirmed with title of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

Due to the warm Mediterranean climate you can also relax and enjoy on a beach in warm and clear sea, sit at a café and let the world pass by, watch and taste lemon, oranges and tangerines growing on the trees, or to wander and find a small back street restaurant with the best of fresh local food.

Dubrovnik is increasingly becoming a popular location for filming fictional or historical drama TV series and films in mega production, such as the Game of Thrones, Knight fall, Star Wars and more recently Robin Hood: Origins. This proves that Dubrovnik is a perfect live stage.

Good advice is to purchase a Dubrovnik Card from one of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Tourist Information Centers (TIC) at the hotel reception or at any tourist agency, and get informed on noticeable discounts for visits to the City Walls, museums and galleries. Here is available online: www.dubrovnikcard.com.

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