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FOI Project section

This section is created with the aim to provide you with the basic information about FOI projects as well as to promote the success of our research teams. Above all it is our mission that these section become the platform for new cooperations and partherships. Please be invited to contact us!
Assoc. Prof. Igor Balaban, PhD
Vice Dean for Science, Projects and International Cooperation
Center for International Projects


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The number of conducted projects and their results, the partnerships established, the networks created, as well as the participation in numerous conferences around the world prove the excellence of our researchers and their teams.


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Valuable experiences gained within international research and commercial projects enabled us to nourish strong institutional project culture which enabled us to build partnerships with many European and international institutions, Croatian entrepreneurs, public and private sector.
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FOI project portfolio

Please find below the projects conducted at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in cooperation with different national and international partners. Many different specific research themes of our projects are mainly from social sciences, ICT and engineering sciences. Please feel invited to search the list of contacts of our successfull researchers to find your new project partners.

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