35 years of international scientific conference CECIIS organized by University of Zagreb Faculty of Organization and Informatics

06 Mar, 2024
The Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems (CECIIS) has been a cornerstone in fostering researchers engaged in developing and applying methods and techniques in the realm of information and intelligent systems for almost 35 years now at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Organization and Informatics. Established in 1989, CECIIS, hosted annually in Varaždin, Croatia, has earned commendable credibility in the international scientific community over the past three and half decades. Its enduring tradition is reflected in the increasing participation and a surge in associated scientific and professional activities.


The conference's scientific program features lectures by distinguished international experts, contributed papers, and various events like poster presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions, panels, along with parallel events like project sections, and student online and poster section. All conference papers undergo rigorous review by international reviewers and are published in indexed Conference Proceedings, including directories like DOAJ, INSPEC, Proquest, and WoS. 

CECIIS, a key pillar of scientific research at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Organization and Informatics, has significantly contributed to the excellence of scientific research work. FOI's own scientific journal, JIOS (Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences), and the conference Proceedings referenced in major databases, add distinct value and enhance the Faculty's recognition in the scientific community.

The international scientific conference, CECIIS, serves as a platform for early-stage researchers and doctoral students to gain valuable international experience, fostering direct and informal communication that often leads to new collaborations. From its inception to the present, CECIIS has aimed to enhance cooperation among researchers involved in information and intelligent systems. This year, CECIIS marks its 35th anniversary, tracing back to the first symposium in 1989, titled Information Systems in Office Operations.

Over the years, the conference has evolved, adapting to changing themes and formats. The number of papers presented annually has grown, emphasizing international collaboration among authors. In the last 35 years, CECIIS has brought together over 1,500 researchers, with 240 scientific papers published only in the last 5 years.

Despite changes and growth, the core concept of the conference has remained the same. Covering a spectrum of topics in information and communication sciences, each conference has a special emphasis and topic chosen by the Program Committee, often influenced by renowned keynote speakers. Throughout the years, the CECIIS Conference has expanded to include parallel events, workshops, roundtables, project presentations, student events, and many more.

After 32 years of being hosted at FOI in Varaždin, the conference ventured to Dubrovnik for the past two years, hosted by the University of Dubrovnik, a significant FOI partner. In 2024, the 35th jubilee CECIIS conference returns to Varaždin, where it all began. 

The enduring success of CECIIS attests to its well-designed foundation, providing a platform where tradition meets innovation. The conference would not have been as successful over the years without dedicated partners, significant sponsors, and individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the organization and expansion of the network of partner institutions and collaborating scientists.

Join us this year for the 35th jubilee CECIIS conference, celebrating a legacy of excellence and collaboration!