Project oasis is back at CECIIS 2024

05 Jul, 2024
Innovation knows no bounds, and at this year's Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems (CECIIS) 2024, we are thrilled to announce the return of a feature that promises to revolutionize the way we engage with projects and foster meaningful collaborations – Project Oasis.

What is Project Oasis?

Project Oasis is a designated space within the project section of CECIIS 2024, designed to provide attendees with a chance to explore ongoing projects, connect with experts, cultivate partnerships and showcase their project materials. This innovative platform is centered around facilitating the exchange of ideas, insights, and contact information.

Why should I visit Project Oasis?

Imagine having a dedicated space amidst the bustling conference environment, where you can quench your thirst for knowledge and connections. Project Oasis offers a range of benefits:

  • Dissemination: Bring us your project booklets, roll-up banners, posters and other promotional material and we will showcase it to all conference visitors in our promotional space.
  • Project Exploration: Delve into the fascinating world of ongoing projects at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. Discover the latest advancements, emerging trends, and transformative initiatives that are shaping the future of our institution.
  • Networking Central: Connect with experts, researchers, and thought leaders who share your passion for projects. Forge meaningful relationships, exchange contact details, and lay the foundation for potential collaborations that extend beyond the conference.
  • Collaboration Catalyst: Are you seeking project partners, collaborators, or new perspectives? Project Oasis provides a fertile ground for discussions, brainstorming ideas, and identifying synergies that could lead to partnerships.
  • Informal Interactions: Break away from the traditional panel discussions and engage in relaxed, one-on-one conversations. Share your insights, gain feedback on your projects, and cultivate a network that supports your professional journey.

How Does Project Oasis Work?

Navigating Project Oasis is simple and intuitive:

  • Project Showcase: Browse through a curated selection of ongoing projects, each offering a glimpse into their goals and results through posters, booklets and more.
  • Networking Lounge: Explore expert profiles and gain insights into their areas of expertise. Initiate conversations, exchange business cards, and build a network of like-minded innovators – over a cup of coffee.
  • Project Pitches: Present your most relevant project with a  3 minute pitch to an international audience. Use this as an opportunity to hear about innovative project ideas, results, research areas, ask questions and find partners for future cooperation!

How do I participate?

If you want to bring in some of your project related promotional material, you can find our Project Oasis stand on-site in Varaždin, during CECIIS 2024 and give us the material as you arrive. You can also send us a digital version of your project promotional materials and we will include it in our project display that will be broadcasted all throughout the conference.

For more info contact us at: or

Join us at CECIIS 2024 and immerse yourself in Project Oasis – where the seeds of innovation take root, flourish, and transform into remarkable projects that shape the future.