Systems for Smart Mobility

Responsible for this topic:
Full. Prof. Tonči Carić, Ph.D., University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Zagreb
Assoc. Prof. Edouard Ivanjko, Ph.D., University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Zagreb
The Session intends to gather the latest research in development of the application of intelligent systems in the domain of transport and traffic solving divers’ mobility and logistic problems.

An interdisciplinary approach is particularly welcome combining state of the art information systems, artificial intelligence and traffic engineering. The wide circle of researchers including traffic engineers, computer scientists, information scientists, electrical engineers, and automotive engineers are invited to publish their original contributions that demonstrate theoretical and practical achievements in the application of intelligent systems for solving today’s mobility issues.

Research papers within this topic include:
Intelligent Transportations Systems
Intelligent Systems in Traffic Engineering
Information Systems for Mobility as a Service
Management Systems for Urban Logistics
Business Intelligence in Logistics
Expert Systems and Knowledge-Based Systems in Traffic Control and Transport planning
Data Science Methods, Tools and Platforms for Traffic Data Analytics
Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Traffic Engineering
Internet of Things in Urban Mobility
Human-Connected Autonomous Vehicle Interactions
Smart Warehousing
Communication systems for Mixed Traffic Flows
Virtual Reality in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems