Trends in Software Engineering

Responsible for this topic:
Asst. Prof. Marko Mijač, Ph. D., University of Zagreb, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varaždin
Assoc. Prof. William Steingartner, Ph.D., Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Full Prof. Luis de Marcos Ortega, Ph.D., University of Alcalá, Spain
The demand for software in modern society is constantly outgrowing the industry's possibility of delivery. In the era in which the world is run by computers, the requirements are shifting from focusing the strictly functional software to seeking the user-friendly omnipresent multi-device highly-available artificially intelligent and functional software that is constantly being fed with data from different sources.

To cope with such requirements of perpetually changing technological, development and deployment ecosystems, software development teams are reaching for novel approaches and scientists are urging to propose new knowledge and rationale in all aspects of software development and beyond. Thus, this session strives to serve as a polygon for scientists and practitioners to disseminate and discuss the new and emerging trends in software engineering practices bridging the mentioned gap.

Research papers within this topic include:
The Software Process
Software Engineering Practice
Requirements Engineering
Software Architecture and Design
Software reuse
Release engineering and DevOps
Tools and Environments
Quality Management
Empirical software engineering
AI and software engineering
Human aspects of software engineering
Software economic
Engineering of IoT systems
Software Testing
Web Engineering
Cloud Engineering
Software Development Security
Mobile development