Can you solve CECIIS Treasure hunt mystery?

15 Sep, 2023
CECIIS Treasure hunt is organized as a mini social event where attendees can find “treasure” clues with riddles and solve a CECIIS treasure mystery!

All attendees can participate but there will be only one winner or better to say - one real treasure hunter! The treasure hunt will take place during all three days of the conference at the University of Dubrovnik premises. There will be six clues with riddles, from which five of them you will be able to find on the first two days and the sixth one on the last day of the conference. Look for the clues! The best treasure hunter will be awarded at the closing cocktail.

You can submit your answer to the CECIIS treasure hunt mystery HERE.

Hint: try to find CECIIS magnifying glass with QR codes that are scattered around!

All further info will be given at the conference opening session and at the registration desk.