Come and join us at CECIIS Pub quiz!

CECIIS pub quiz
15 Sep, 2023
CECIIS Pub quiz will be held on 20th September from 18:00 to 19:00 at the Akademis Academia dormitory, just before the opening cocktail.

Winners, runner-ups and bronze teams will be announced at the cocktail party. Teams can consist of up to four team members. There will be 30 questions divided in to three categories (green category – 1 point, orange category - 2 points and red category - 3 points). If some teams (first 3 or 4) end up having the same number of points, then the “Duels” will take additional 5 questions to decide a winner/runner-up/bronze team. If those 5 additional questions can’t decide who the winner/runner-up/bronze is than “Ultimate Duel(s)” will take place with an ultimate question which will remain mystery until the time comes!

Team applications will be possible at the registration desk, at the conference and just before the quiz starts. Official CECIIS pub quiz language will be English.

All rules for the pub quiz will be presented at the start of the quiz.